King David


Hello and welcome to King David. 

King David started as a poetry site back in 2000.  It has changed, grown and evolved since then, just like us as we surrender and yeild to God, we too are changed.  Now is the time for another change and the most radical one so far. God has been calling me to set up a place full of testimony.   I am here to encourage you in your walk of finding God.  I will be here to pray with you where ever in the world you find yourself.  I am also called to share revelations from the bible.   

So if we are going to explore Christianity together you ought to know what I believe.  I agree with the fundamentals of the bible especially concerning Jesus.  I believe He died for my sins on a cross and because I believe in Him by faith when I die I will go to be with Him in heaven.  I believe in one God who I recognise as God the father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.  

I will be writing and sharing my experiences of walking with God and I pray it encourages you to know Him more for yourself too.

 If you have questions please direct them to